Additives for cement production: Kheme Molt Technology: It achieves cost saving in grinding and production, as well as the improvement of cement quality; Kheme Cem Technology: it adds special properties to cement.


Additives for concrete and mortar production: A very complete line with different products to provide different mechanical, rheological, durable and aesthetic properties in the manufacturing of the mortar, fresh concrete and prefabricated concrete.


Additives for ceramics production: The main function is to obtain the optimal fineness and properties in the raw material grinding process and the atomization of mineral components, in addition to addressing different chemical problems.


Additive to prevent FOULING, SLAGGING and CORROSION in the internal surfaces of boilers and furnaces due to the use of fuels with high sulphur content. Industries: cement, oil, ceramic or energy industries, among others.


Additives that enable the grinding process. They allow to reduce energy use costs, increase production (T/h) or improve the quality of the manufactured product, among other benefits. Industries: mining, cement, or ceramic industries, among others.


Agricultural products based on Innovation (R&D&I) that offer solutions at all the phases of the crop cycle, correct nutritional deficiencies, and promote vegetable adaptation to situations of environmental stress.

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